5 ways to get a longer penis

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5 Methods to a longer healthier penis

Every guy appreciates the idea that every little helps! So why not see what you can do to make the most of your manhood and gain a little bit more!


Two very simple and sensible techniques that do not require surgery and won’t break the bank are shaving the hair around you penis and trimming some of the fat off your belly. Both techniques, of course, have nothing to do with enlarging your penis, but they do help in the perception of a larger penis as both hair and fat have a habit of encroaching onto the shaft and hiding its true length.

The exercise will not only help in reducing the belly fat, but it will help the blood flow better which can be a major boost in your erection strength!

Penis Exercises

The oldest known technique for penis enlargement is the Jelq technique, which is said to have been developed in ancient times in the Middle East. Jelqing involves putting pressure with your thumb and index finger around the base of your penis when it is not erect, and gently pushing downwards towards the glans in a milking motion while maintaining the same initial pressure, effectively forcing blood through around the vessels at elevated pressures. Biologically speaking, the added pressure causes minor lacerations in the blood vessels, which in turn invokes regenerative responses that ultimately lead to larger vascular circuitry and increased penis dimensions.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps employ another strategy whereby vacuum pressure is used to draw blood into the penis. This method is considered a legitimate medical procedure to combat temporary impotence and Peyronie’s disease, which can shorten the penis and cause a curvature.

Unfortunately, there are some counterproductive outcomes such as the bursting of blood vessels and blistering of the skin if a high quality pump is not used. So make sure you only choose one of the best quality pumps for you (and your little guy’s) safety.

Traction Extenders

Since their introduction to the market back in the 90’s, elongation devices really have come a looong way. When considering all the factors including time, cost, safety, efficacy and convenience, the other methods simply do not come close.

They do obviously have some shortcomings; extenders can cause cuts, abrasions and skin reactions, they can be uncomfortable and require constant adjustment, they are certainly not without cost and can cause considerable embarrassment if a user is caught unaware while wearing it. But when considering the alternatives, traction extenders have many advantages, with the obvious being that they are the only scientifically proven method to increase the length of the penis.



There are thousands of supplement products on the market claiming to increase penis size and potency. Some of the claims are extremely farfetched, but others have proven benefits.

The general advice of many health experts is “do not take ANY male pills you are unsure about” as although some male pill products have been safely removed from the market, there are still a large number of potentially dangerous male pills available on the open market.
Do your research, and make sure the product is safe and comes with a good guarantee!


 6 ways to get a longer penis
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6 ways to get a longer penis
What you can do to start increasing your penis size
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