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A young man truly in love with his girlfriend decided to have her name tattooed on his penis. Her name was Wendy, and the tattoo was done while the penis was erect, so when it was not erect, all you could see was W Y.

Shortly after the couple were married while they were honeymooning in Jamaica, the man was in a bathroom. Standing next to him was a Jamaican man who also had a W Y on his penis.

The guy said to him “Oh is your girl named Wendy too?” The Jamaican replied, “No, Mr. that says Welcome to Jamaica Have a Nice Day”.

I know which of the two guys in that “story” I’d rather be! I imagine most of you guys do too, that’s why you’re reading this blog.

Whether you just need to add something new to your sex life, or you straight up need to add an inch to your manhood — you’re in the right place.

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re doing your research, and are dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

But maybe you…

  • Have no clue what kind of product is best suited to your penis enlargement goals.
  • Need help deciding which device or male enhancement pill goes with your penis exercise programme.
  • Feel unconfident. You wish more people could see you for the man you really are!

No matter where you are in your penis enlargement journey you want your thing to have a BIGGER impact.

You want to get that girl of your dreams or pleasure the one you are with.

You’re READY take your programme to that next level and maybe even invest more than just a pill everyday.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel useless.

Trust me my friend, I’ve absolutely been there.

The gist is this: We can all increase the size of our penis and the inherent Long Schlong confidence is there…and I’m here to help you be the rockstar you are.

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My name is John Long – “Long Schlong John”. I want to help you increase your penis size, gain confidence and become a better, stronger you!

How did this become my life?

A few years back I was living the sexless marriage life style that Louis talks about (If you haven’t watched him before, do so, the guy is hilarious! Albeit a pervert):

Have you ever felt no desire for sex? You know the guys at the pub are always talking girls, but you’re just making something up? That is how I felt most of my life.

I had had girlfriends and had had sex, but it was never what it seemed it should be.

It hit me most when I fell in love with not only a beautiful sexy girl, but one that I could see my life with. However, those same old feelings were always niggling away in my mind.

I knew I should want more sex, I knew she wanted more, but I didn’t know how to satisfy her. And more than that; I felt unable to satisfy her, and if I tried, I felt inadequate.

Samantha is an amazing person who was always supportive of my problems, and I know that is more than a lot of you guys will feel in these situations. She loved me too, but she really wanted more from this part of our relationship.

So I sifted through the myriad of male enhancement products. The penis extenders, male enhancement pills, penis pumps and penis exercises. I’ve looked at them all!

I eventually took the plunge into the dark and mysterious world of penis enlargement and tried a few products out.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve fallen for my fair share of scams. There are plenty out there!

But there are male enhancement products out there that work and can really help you.

I hope the information provided on The Long Schlong I am sharing will help bring you the life changing improvements it has brought me

Through my personal reviews, guides, an online community, and more, I’ve helped hundreds of guys LIKE YOU, gain the confidence to be who they really felt they are and also stand out in the locker room.

If you’re still interested, I’m going to help you find the best male enhancement products and make sure you don’t get scammed either!

I’m going to give you the confidence that even if you don’t invest in any of the PE products, will make you a stronger, better man.

Remember, The Long Schlong isn’t all about your penis, it’s about YOU!


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