What’s the right penis extender for you

There are many different ways to increase your penis length. But you know what? Penis extenders are one of the few scientifically backed methods for extending the size of your penis. The right device can add-on a couple of inches to your length.

Of course, the wrong device can result in some serious problems  — even permanent injury to your Peter.

So how can you make sure you choose the right penis extender for you?

Your first step to choosing a penis extender is to find one which offers you the quality design you need for safe, effective gains.

But that is not your only step. There are actually a few really great devices on the market, and each of them has different strengths. This is why many of us end up investing in more than one.

In this guide, I am going to introduce you to what you need to know to choose the perfect one for you!

Before I dive in though, I want to go over a few basics with you, just in case you are still pretty new to the world of penis extenders.

What Are Penis Extenders?

First of all, here are the very basics.

A penis extender is a device you wear on your penis which exerts gentle traction on your member. If you wear it for several hours a day and do so conscientiously for a period of months, this will over time extend the length of your penis.

Penis extenders work generally in the same way. They are designed to apply constant traction on the corpora cavernosa in your penis causing cells to duplicate, also known as cytokinesis. As these cells accumulate this enables your penis to hold more blood, increase in size by inches, attain harder erections, reduce premature ejaculation and even decrease penile curvatures

The basic design of a penis extender usually consists of bars or rods with two points of contact; one around the base of the penis, the other near the glans. You adjust the device so that a light stretch is applied, and then you just go on with whatever you would typically do with your day. The tension rods can be adjusted over time as you add length to your penis so that they continue to exert the  stretch.

It takes six months or more to get dramatic results with a penis extender. So you have to be absolutely committed.

But it can change your life.

The best part is that the gains you get with a penis extender are yours forever. Contrast this with a penis pump, which only works temporarily.

Are Penile Extenders Safe?

Are appropriately designed penis extenders safe? Definitely, so long as you are using them correctly. Are all penis extenders safe? No. There are some really dodgy products out there which you need to stay far, far away from.

So how can you tell a from an ineffective or unsafe product?

Here are some guidelines to choosing the right penis extender:

A reputable brand: Look for names that you have heard of and can find good solid clear “About” pages. Do not purchase a product from some company you have never heard of and cannot learn anything about. Buy from a company that is transparent, does not make promises which are too good to be true, and which has positive (but believable) reviews.

Medical endorsements (that are real): If reputable medical professionals have endorsed a particular device, that is a great sign. Just make sure that you actually look up the doctors who are named to confirm that they are real people with real credentials. Scientific studies highlighting the benefits of a device are also great, but keep in mind that commercial interests can skew how a study is performed and how the results are interpreted.

Conforms to important regulations: Shop for a device which meets the strict quality control protocols set forth by the FDA and other key regulatory bodies. There are devices on the market that have obtained medical certification having been assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Check to see if the device you are interested in carries this stamp of approval.

High-quality materials: Penis extenders made of tough materials will stand the test of time. Since you will be wearing the device for months, you need one which is not going to break down and become unusable. This is also important for reasons of safety. The best devices use sturdy medical-grade materials. Some devices use Medical Type 1 materials to make sure that you can comfortably wear their device all day long. Others prefer to use cheaper materials, that means they can offer lower prices but also generally lower quality.

A comfortable design: The importance of comfort cannot be overstated with a device that you will be wearing for hours a day. If you do not pick an extender which is comfortable to wear, you may give up long before you ever see the results you are aiming for. Even with a strap, traditional penis extenders cannot guarantee 100% comfort for everyone. That is why many leading penis extenders have chosen to include Comfort Technology. Most penis extenders offer different ways of wearing their device; such as silicon nooses, comfort straps, protection pads, fabric covered latex head grips and non-slip mats) so no matter the size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis, you can safely wear their device without discomfort or chaffing.

Extra attachments, bonus materials, and other freebies: The best penis extenders often include a lot of great extra features for comfort and convenience. You might for example get a carrying case, moisturiser, DVDs, and so on. All of these add value to your purchase. Most penis extenders offer you only one of these methods for wearing their device. There are different options that can focus on reducing slippage and increasing comfort, each of us will prefer different options, so make sure the device you choose offers more than one option.

Angle: A few extenders have options to help deal with curvatures and Peyronie’s. These offer possibilities to attach the device even if it isn’t straight. A major game changer are multi-angle devices, these are able to freely move as your body moved.

A strong warranty: Hopefully your penis extender will never break, but even high quality devices sometimes fail. Look for an extender which is backed by a solid warranty.

A results based guarantee: Guarantees are a great way of judging how confident the manufacturer is. The longer they give you on a money back guarantee, the longer you have to test the device and see if it works. Now for optimal results, you should use a penis extender for 6 months. For this reason, should they offer you less than 6 months, it may be for a reason i.e. it doesn’t work.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

Now you know how to choose the right penis extender we hope you have had the chance to learn even more about how penis extenders work and what they can do for you.

But as I mentioned earlier, even with a high quality extender, you might not get the results you are looking for, and may even injure yourself, if you are not following best practices.

So here are some tips for safety and efficacy to help you get the most out of your purchase:

Start out by jelqing or using a penis pump to increase blood flow before you use your penis extender. This can help you achieve results faster, and may also reduce the likelihood of injury.

Wear the device(s) you choose for at least one hour a day. It is better to aim for four or five, but start small, and increase the time gradually as you get more and more comfortable.

Be sure to wear your penis extender every day, and do it for four months or more before you try to judge the results. While you may start seeing improvements inside a few weeks, typically you are not going to see the really dramatic results until you have gone four months or longer. It took me about four months to add just over an inch.

So ask yourself: What are you looking for in a Penis Extender?

Do you want to save money? Get the top value? Make sure you have a solid warranty in place? Increase girth as well as length? You may even find that two penis extenders fit your needs and work great in combination to deliver the gains you are after.

Whichever device(s) you decide on, make a commitment now that you are going to wear the device daily for four months or more. Follow through on that commitment, and you could gain two or more inches in length and maybe even see some increase in girth as well.


Your penis is an important part of your body and naturally only deserves the best, so before you invest in any product, make sure you keep the information above in mind and make sure that it is clinically tested, supported by a guarantee and is made from the best materials possible!

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